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June 2017

Thursday June 29, 2017 (Thanks to WPKN volunteers Melinda Tuhus and Mike Merli.)

In the news tonight: insurance giant Aetna announces its move from Connecticut to New York City; New Haven climate activists hold side-walk teach-in; New York for-profit colleges want in on tuition discount program; and, the New York State Assembly passes Omnibus bill.

Connecticut News Junkie reports:
Insurance company Aetna announced today it would be leaving Hartford, Connecticut to re-locate to New York City, a move they say will happen sometime “late in 2018.”  

In making the announcement, Aetna Chairman and CEO Mark T. Bertolini sent an ominous warning to Hartford about what the future holds, while praising New York City as “a knowledge economy hub, and a driver of the innovations.”

In a public statement on the company’s website, Bertolini explained: “Aetna’s long-term commitment to Connecticut will be based on the state’s economic health. The company remains hop…